Proper Way of Snake Handling

Bradenton snake

Whether you have a pet snake or dealing with a snake invasion, there are various reasons why a person must never handle the snake using their bare hands. If you don't know how to determine a venomous from a non-venomous type of snake, you need a set of tools to handle it properly. There are physical restraints methods that experts are using, but you should never attempt to do the same. You should always keep in mind that it is a potentially dangerous creature.

How Do You Properly Handle the Snake?
We need to treat all animals with respect. Understand that they are all equally important in keeping our ecosystem in a balanced state. Snakes are capable of controlling the population of rodents and insects. They are also, most of the time, docile and will not attack unless provoked. Therefore, when removing them from your house, you need to do it humanely and carefully. Understand that snakes can be pretty sensitive, especially when they are shedding their skin.

How Do You Restrain a Venomous Snake?
As we often mentioned, we never recommend homeowners to deal with their snake infestation personally. Hiring a snake removal expert is still the best option. However, if you have the experience and knowledge about the snake's biology and behavior, there are different ways on how you can restrain them. You can use snake tongs to capture the snake humanely. You may also look for a pole that comes with a hook to capture it. Place them immediately inside the snake bag before transporting them to the nearby wildlife rescue facility. For those who do not have snake tongs, you should at least wear durable gloves. Be sure never to do this alone; you need someone's guidance to ensure that you will be safe.

How Do You Handle Non-Venomous Snakes?
If you are still determined to handle non-venomous snakes using your hands, start with something smaller. Never attempt to hold a cobra or rattlesnake during your first time. Always remember that snakes are never your toys. Never play with them unless you have the qualification to do it; for instance, if you are doing it for research or extracting venom. Before you even try to capture them, be sure to attend a training or seminar about the proper handling of snakes. Never rush and consider all your options first. Always think about the risks and the dangers that come with it. Wear sturdy gloves and long sleeves to protect your exposed skins from their bites. Even if they do not carry venom, their bite can also cause infection.

Snakes are generally non-aggressive creatures unless you provoke them. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when you are handling them. It is still best to allow experts to deal with them. You need the proper knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to capture them humanely. Once you see a snake in your yard, please stay away from its proximity while you are waiting for the snake removal professionals to arrive. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Bradenton